P.LAS.M.I. Lab @ Bari

PLASMIBariIn P.LAS.M.I. (Plasmi, Laser, Materiali Innovativi) Lab Bari, theoretical and experimental studies both on ionised gases and plasmas are carried on, starting from basic aspects, like the determination of dynamic data for elementary processes and the non-equilibrium distribution calculations made by statistical physics methods, up to technological applications. Partnerships with Universities, other Research Institutions and Industries are active in the field of thermal and low-temperature plasmas, generated by electric discharges, hypersonic flows and laser-matter interaction, for applications to aerospace, environment, energetics, astro-chemistry, cultural heritage, innovative materials.

Main research lines are:

Plasma Modelling; Diagnostics and Spectroscopy of Plasmas and Laser-Plasmas;

Innovative Materials by plasmas and/or lasers.

Most recent funded projects are: EU FP7 “Phys4Entry” and PON-MIUR-DTA “Apulia Space” in aerospace field; POR Puglia “Restaureo” on cultural heritage, POR Puglia “HALL” on electrical propulsion.

Some important partnerships are: with INFN_Bari and Padova about negative ion sources for ITER Program; with the Department of Chemistry @UNIBA on the interaction of “laser ablation nanoparticles” with biological systems; with INFN_Bari on photocathodes and neutralizer cathodes for electrical thrusters made by diamond nanoparticles; with DMMM POLIBA, DITECH UNILE, DF UNITN on plasma assisted combustion; with UNIBAS Engineering School on thermodynamics and transport in plasmas.

Where we are

P.LAS.M.I. Lab

Sede Secondaria Bari

Via Amendola, 122/D

70126 Bari

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