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Development and prototyping of innovative materials and devices obtained using bottom-up as well as top-down approaches. CNR-NANOTEC researchers design and synthesize new nanomaterials and prototype devices with performances at the state of the art or above it. Other core activities are the study and the manipulation of soft matter and biomaterials and the development of new plasma methodologies for application in many fields such as environment, energy and life sciences. Read More …

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  • Ion Propulsion and Accelerator Industrial Applications

    2017  Marzo 1st-3th – CNR Research Area – Bari, Sala congressi

    This workshop will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion on the progress in methods and technologies used for the research, development and industrial applications of ion propulsion (IP) for satellite and spacecraft.

  • Progress on particle-based Models for Negative Ion Sources

    2017  March 1st – CNR Research areas Bari, via Amendola 122/D Bari (Access A, Meeting Room – 5th floor)

    This meeting will provide a forum for the presentation and discussion on progress in particle-based models used to understand and optimise the production, extraction and acceleration of negative ions for neutral beam heating and current drive in controlled thermonuclear reactors.

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  • Modelling, Theory and Computation

    CNR NANOTEC Research Area mini Workshop

    2017 February 17th – Aula Conversi, Edificio Marconi – Università La Sapienza, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 – ROMA

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  • Il presidente del Cnr Massimo Inguscio e il direttore del CNR NANOTEC Giuseppe Gigli hanno accolto, venerdì 3 febbraio a Lecce, il Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella, che ha incontrato i ricercatori e la comunità scientifica dell’Istituto, accompagnato dal Ministro dei Beni delle attività culturali e del turismo Dario Franceschini.

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LiCryl @Rende(CS)- New hopes for pancreatic tumor from an antipsychotic drug


15 febbraio 2017 - New hopes for pancreatic tumor from an antipsychotic drug

Pancreatic ductal carcinoma is the most common tumor that affects this gland. Its recovery rates are minimal, not only due to difficulties of an early diagnosis, but also because of the absence of a specific pharmacological treatment…