PlasmaCheM @ Bari

The mission of the PlasmaCheM  Unit consists in removing knowledge and technological barriers to the development of multifunctional materials by designing and advancing innovative chemical and plasma processes for the synthesis, surface functionalization and engineering of materials, nanostructures and devices.

The research activities are focused on the following 4 strategic objectives:

  1. Plasmas4Materials
  2. PlasmaMedicine
  3. PlasmaAgriFood
  4. Plasmas4Energy&Environment
  5. Plasma Architectures

Where we are

PlasmaCheM @ Bari
Secondary Unit
Responsible: Maria Losurdo
Phone: +39 080-5442024

Research Facilities and Labs:
University of Bari "Aldo Moro"
Department of Chemisty
Via Orabona 4
70125, Bari

Administrative Offices:
Sede Secondaria Bari
Via Amendola, 122/D
70126, Bari
Phone: +39 080-5929501
Fax: +39 080-5929520