Photonics & Optoelectronics

The investigation of frontier physics mainly related to the interactions and coupling of light with matter both from a macroscopic point of view as well as at the single particle level. Collective coherent phenomena of condensates of Bose Einstein are studied in semiconductor materials exploiting quasiparticles generated by the strong coupling between light and excited states of matter to unravel a rich phenomenology of quantum fluids under superfluid or supersonic regimes, exploring the dynamics of vortex states, optically driven non-equilibrium condensates and the expanding or trapping of quantum gases. Other fields of interest are correlation of quantum states, and highly confined plasmon-polariton fields. Inorganic semiconductors and organic materials are investigated from a fundamental point of view as well as for new applicative concepts, like all-optical transistors, switches and logical gates.

Quantum Fluid Dynamics

Polaritons are light-matter particles formed by a strong interaction between the electronic excited states in a semiconductor and the light field of a microcavity. Recently…


The aim of this line is to fabricate new structures and explore new materials for the study of polariton quantum flow dynamics and their use for optical devices,…


Metamaterials (MMs) constitute the frontier in material science technology. Unlike classic natural materials,  MMs optical properties can be easily tailored as desired by…

Organic Random Lasers

Random Lasers (RLs) are realized in disordered media with gain; the feedback for stimulated emission of light is given by the scattering and no external cavity is needed…



Complex light beams realized by phase modulation techniques represent a versatile tool in several fields of optics as the material structuring at small scales and the optical…



Plasmons are electromagnetic modes associated with the coherent excitation by photons of the free electrons at the interface between a metal and a dielectric material…

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Miniworkshop Modelling, Theory and Computation - S.Li.M. Lab @ Roma

Modelling, Theory and Computation

CNR NANOTEC Research Area mini Workshop

2017 February 17th - Aula Conversi, Edificio Marconi - Università La Sapienza, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 - ROMA

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Mattarella in visita al Cnr NANOTEC - 03 febbraio 2017

Il presidente del Cnr Massimo Inguscio e il direttore del CNR NANOTEC Giuseppe Gigli hanno accolto, venerdì 3 febbraio a Lecce, il Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella, che ha incontrato i ricercatori e la comunità scientifica dell'Istituto, accompagnato dal Ministro dei Beni delle attività culturali e del turismo Dario Franceschini.

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Mostra del Cnr 'Elettronica di plastica'

'Elettronica di plastica'

Fondazione Plart - Via G. Martucci 48 - Napoli dal 28/06/ al 22/07/2016