S.Li.M Lab @ Roma

Soft and Living Matter Laboratory – SLiM Lab @Rome is the CNR NANOTECH research Unit at Sapienza University. CNR researchers and university research associates mainly focus on the experimental and theoretical study of soft matter, structuring surfaces for environmental applications, functional organic devices, aging dynamics in complex fluids, statistical mechanics of disordered and glassy systems, photonics in random media, bone tissue and cell engineering, bio-fluids, active matter, quantitative biology, cellular metabolism, neurodegerative diseases, biomarkers for early detection of pathologies, cultural heritage.

Many are the techniques developed and applied to these research lines in our labs in Rome and at Grenoble’s ESRF. At the theoretical level we optical trapping and holographic microscopy. bio-network algorithms, Monte Carlo, multi scale and optics numerical simulations. At the experimental level X-ray tomography and diffraction, atomic force microscopy, confocal and holographic 3D microscopy on the imaging field, as well as soft lithography, two photon lithography, holographic optical trapping and microfluidics in the fabrication and manipulation framework from the nano- to the meso-scale.

Le attività di ricerca del S.Li.M Lab @ Roma si concentrano sulle seguenti principali aree di interesse:

  1. Dispositivi Avanzati
  2. Scienze dei Materiali
  3. Modelli & Calcolo
  4. Nano-Biotecnologie
  5. Fotonica & Optoelettronica

Dove siamo

S.Li.M Lab @ Roma
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