Research in pediatric diseases: from nanotechnologies to diagnostics and precision medicine, 28/09/2021, Webinar


Webinar mini-symposium

The event “Research in pediatric diseases: from nanotechnologies to diagnostics and precision medicine” aims to broaden the knowledge of the students of the Degree Courses in Medicine and Biomedical disciplines and stimulate their curiosity about basic and applied research in the field of pediatric diseases. In particular, expert researchers from the CNR IBIOM institutes in Bari, Nanotec in Lecce, IRIB in Palermo and ITB in Milan together with researchers from the University of Palermo will present their work: from the role of mitochondria in neurodevelopment to the therapeutic and diagnostic opportunities offered by the approaches multi-omics and nanotechnologies; from proteomics to precision medicine and drug repositioning in respiratory diseases. The day will also present the European EPTRI infrastructure aimed at enhancing translational research in paediatrics starting from the early stages of drug development.

Students who take part in the initiative will be awarded a certificate for the recognition of 0.5 CFU.

Participation is free, upon registration: formEBW2021


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