PhD position in hybrid halide perovskite is open at Cnr Nanotec, Lecce - PhD Studentship in Perovskite Photovoltaics


A PhD position in hybrid halide perovskite is open at CNR-Nanotec, Lecce. The PhD project is in the framework of an innovative program between CNR-Nanotec and a leading Italian company in the renewable energy.

Hybrid halide perovskites are crystalline solids consisting of an organic/inorganic framework, combining easy processability with excellent photophysical properties. Perovskites become the ultimate material for next generation photovoltaic devices reaching power conversion efficiency as over 25% measured in lab-scale devices.

The PhD project aims to develop hybrid halide perovskite materials and solar cells compatible with scalable industrial deposition process (i .e., printing techniques) with improved stability.

Highly motivated students that are interested in taking a combined multidisciplinary approach. Master’s degree or equivalent in physics, engineering, chemistry, materials science is required.

For further information please contact dr Aurora Rizzo ( Starting date at the latest for the ending of December 2021.