Statistical Physics


The Statistical Physics group is a theoretical research team interested in the statistical mechanics of disordered systems applying related techniques, both analytic and computational, to a large variety of complex problems. The group activity is mainly related to

  • deepen and solve old and new open issues in the theory of structural glasses and theories for systems with intrinsic frustration such as spin-glasses,
  • investigate constraint satisfaction and optimisation problems and the structure of solutions in the hard computational cases.
  • test and develop methods for statistical inference in the general framework of solving inverse problems,
  • adapt and apply statistical mechanics to photonics in presence of nonperturbative disorder, ranging from light propagation in random media to random lasers,
  • investigate biological organisms by means of theoretical methods and mathematical modeling, analyse the interaction of biological structures at the molecular level and the connections among different subsystems in large-scale networks through computer simulations, with a focus on proteins and metabolism,
  • study turbulence, intermittency and dissipative processes in non-collisional plasmas through theoretical investigation, numerical simulations and data analysis,
  • develop and test parallel computation on single and multi GPU for continuous variables Monte Carlo dynamics, Population dynamics for Belief propagation and Cavity method in random graphs, and Pseudolikelihood maximisation.


People Involved


De Martino

CNR Researcher

Group Supervisor



CNR Researcher



Post Doc CNR Associate



CNR Associate, Università La Sapienza



CNR Researcher

Group Supervisor



CNR PostDoc



CNR Associate, Università La Sapienza



CNR Reseacher



Post Doc CNR Associate



CNR Associate, Università La Sapienza

Facilities & Labs

GPU clusters @ Department of Physics of Sapienza University

Research Lines


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Other Selected Publications

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Latest News

  • Scholar-in-Training Award dell’AACR a Marta Cavo

    Lecce, 15/01/2020
    Marta Cavo, ERC-postdoctoral research fellow at the CNR Institute of Nanotechnology in Lecce (ERC-StG INTERCELLMED No., 759959, PI: Dr. Loretta L. del Mercato), have been selected to receive a Scholar-in-Training Award (USD $625). The Scholarship will support her attendance at the Conference on The Evolving Landscape of Cancer Modeling, organized by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), to be held on 2-5 March 2020 in San Diego (California), where she will present the work “Quantifying stroma-tumor cell interactions in three-dimensional cell culture systems”. (more…)
  • I° meeting TecnoMed Puglia

    Lecce, 05 dicembre 2019 – Aula Rita Levi Montalcini – CNR NANOTEC Lecce

    Si terrà domani, giovedì 05 dicembre, con inizio alle ore 14.00 presso l’aula Rita Levi Montalcini del Cnr Nanotec, il “I° meeting TecnoMed Puglia: Tecnopolo per la medicina di precisione“. Il meeting mira a fare il punto sulle attività programmate, sullo stato di avanzamento e sugli highlights.

    Puoi scaricare la locandina da qui

  • Jam session Nanotec… note di scienza su scala nanometrica

    Lecce, 27 settembre 2019 – ex monastero degli Olivetani “CAR-T: l’alba di una nuova era”  con: Attilio Guarini (IRCCS Istituto Tumori “Giovanni Paolo II” di Bari)  introduce e modera: Marco Ferrazzoli (Ufficio Stampa CNR Roma) a cura di: Gabriella Zammillo 

    Le CAR-T (Chimeric Antigens Receptor Cells-T) sono cellule modificate in laboratorio a partire dai linfociti T. Rappresentano una nuova strategia di cura che sfrutta il sistema immunitario per combattere alcuni tipi di tumore come linfomi aggressivi a grandi cellule e leucemie linfoblastiche acute a cellule B. Il prof Attilio Guarini, ematologo all’Istituto tumori Giovanni Paolo II di Bari, le definisce la “vis sanatrix naturae della antica medicina salernitana”, trattandosi del potenziamento dell’attività citotossica dei linfociti del paziente opportunamente ingegnerizzati per riconoscere e contrastare alcuni tipi di cellule tumorali.