Particle – Based Plasma Virtual Lab


Development of models, at different time scales and length, based on the particle representation (Particle-in-Cell, Monte Carlo and Molecular Dynamics) gas / plasma non-equilibrium systems for applications in the aerospace, energy and materials science

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Apulia Space
G. Colonna, Manager WP A1.6 Space Transport

Latest News

  • Loretta del Mercato, si aggiudica l’ERC STARTING GRANT 2017

    Loretta del Mercato, si aggiudica  l’ERC STARTING GRANT 2017

    uno dei bandi più competitivi a livello europeo.

    Lecce, 6 settembre 2017 

    Lo European Research Council, che promuove la ricerca di eccellenza in Europa, nei giorni scorsi ha reso noti i nomi dei 406 vincitori della selezione ERC STARTING GRANT 2017, il bando tra i più competitivi a livello internazionale.

  • Zeiss Microscopy Technology and Complete Correlative Workflow

    Zeiss Microscopy Technology and Complete Correlative Workflow

    Lecce, Italy, 2017 Wednesday July 19th 

    CNR NANOTEC @ Lecce, Aula Seminari – pal. G, Piano Terra

    Program – PDF

    Zeiss, as microscopy technology leader, provides the unique complete imaging solution ranging from light, confocal, electron, ion and Xray modalities with a complete and straightforward correlative workflow. An overview of different technologies will be presented with a special focus on X-Rray microscopy.

  • MCS 2017

    International Workshop on Micropropulsion and CubeSats

    Bari, Italy, 26 – 27 June 2017

    Program – MSC2017

    This narrow-field, invited-only meeting is the first attempt to bring together the Materials and Micropropulsion communities with a view to contribute to the development of the Global Materials and Micropropulsion Roadmap, and set such meetings to a regular basis.