NanoChem @ URT Bari

NANOCHEMBariThe mission of the NanoCheM  Unit consists in removing knowledge and technological barriers to the development of multifunctional materials by advancing the study and the development of innovative chemical and plasma processes  for the synthesis, surface functionalization and engineering of materials, nanostructures and devices.
The research activities are focused on the following 4 objectives:

1-Functional Chemistry of Graphene and other Bidimensional materials;
2-Tailoring of Chemical processes and Interface Phenomena in
heterojunctions, hybrids and multicomponents systems for photonics,
nano- and opto-electronics;
3-Advanced materials for Energy and Environment;
4-Plasmachemistry Processes for health science

Where we are

URT Nano Chem

Unità di  Ricerca presso Terzi
c/o Dipartimento di Chimica Università degli Studi di Bari
Via Amendola, 122/D – 70126 Bari

Latest News

  • Technology Trasfer in Nanotechnology

    Technology Transfer in Nanotechnology: Challenges and Opportunity

    Lecce, 18/19 ottobre 2018

    CNR NANOTEC c/o Campus Ecotekne

    JRC in collaboration with the National Research Council (Cnr) is organising a workshop on Technology Transfer in Nanotechnology,


  • Nanotechnology Transfer Day

    26 Luglio 2018 – Lecce

    CNR NANOTEC c/o Campus Ecotekne Siglato l’accordo lo scorso maggio tra CNR NANOTEC e Pairstech Capital Management, ha preso il via la collaborazione con PhD TT per la valutazione della ricerca


  • Disordered serendipity: a glassy path to discovery

    A workshop in honour of Giorgio Parisi’s 70th birthday

    September 19-21, 2018 – Roma

    Sapienza University

    With the occasion of celebrating Giorgio Parisi 70th birthday, the conference “Disordered serendipity: a glassy path to discovery” brings to Rome many among the world-leading experts in the field of complex systems. (more…)