Modeling, Theory and Computation

Our research focuses on: 1. the theoretical and computational study of systems with many interacting constituents, from glasses and spin glasses to soft and biological matter; 2. the physics of random lasing materials; 3. nonlinear, turbulent and complex flows; 4. the quantitative and computational analysis of biological systems, from single-molecules to biological networks and system-level properties.

In addition, we are interested in the development of efficient algorithms for inference and big data analysis.

Complex Flows & Non Linear Time Series Analysis

The experimental study of nonlinear and complex systems relies on the design of specific advanced data analysis tools, which need to be able to identify properties of the dynamics…

Computational Biology

Theoretical methods and mathematical modeling can be applied to investigate complex physical systems that are found in biological organisms. Computer simulations are…

Photonics in Random Media

In recent years, random lasing materials (e.g. powders, porous media, precipitates in solution, or photonic crystals with impurities) have been extensively studied…

Scientific Computing & Big Data

We exploit parallel computing on single and multi Graphic Processing Units (GPU’s) for several problems. In particular, we develop optimised parallel codes for continuous…

Statistical Mechanics

We study disordered and frustrated systems such as spin-glasses, structural glasses and random photonics models by means of advanced methods in statistical mechanical of disordered…

Turbulence in Plasmas

Turbulence is an ubiquitous phenomenon that can be observed on a huge range of scales, from galaxy clusters down to micro- and nano-fluidics. It is observed mostly in neutral flows…

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Miniworkshop Modelling, Theory and Computation - S.Li.M. Lab @ Roma

Modelling, Theory and Computation

CNR NANOTEC Research Area mini Workshop

2017 February 17th - Aula Conversi, Edificio Marconi - Università La Sapienza, Piazzale Aldo Moro, 5 - ROMA

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Mattarella in visita al Cnr NANOTEC - 03 febbraio 2017

Il presidente del Cnr Massimo Inguscio e il direttore del CNR NANOTEC Giuseppe Gigli hanno accolto, venerdì 3 febbraio a Lecce, il Presidente della Repubblica Sergio Mattarella, che ha incontrato i ricercatori e la comunità scientifica dell'Istituto, accompagnato dal Ministro dei Beni delle attività culturali e del turismo Dario Franceschini.

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Mostra del Cnr 'Elettronica di plastica'

'Elettronica di plastica'

Fondazione Plart - Via G. Martucci 48 - Napoli dal 28/06/ al 22/07/2016