Nanoscale Surfaces and Interfaces

Our research is focusing on the study of surfaces and interfaces at the nanoscale. To this aim, we use colloidal inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals as (soluble) frameworks and apply to these the synthetic and spectroscopic methods derived from coordination chemistry. Particular emphasis is put on the surface chemistry of colloidal nanocrystals as a mean to subtly tune their optical and electronic properties and the inter-nanocrystal non-covalent bonding interactions. Such interactions are exploited to self-assemble the colloidal nanocrystals into ordered supra-structures, up to the macroscopic size scale of optoelectronic and photonic devices. We, therefore, ultimately pursue a thorough description towards control of the ubiquitous interfaces in nanocrystal-based solids over multiple length scales.

Nanoscale Surfaces and Interface

Characterization of colloidal semiconductor nanocrystal 

Aspects of the characterization of nanocrystals, are carried out in collaboration with researchers associated with the Polytechnic of Bari-DICATECh pertaining to the group of Prof. Suranna

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8) There’s Plenty of Surface at the Bottom: Surface Chemistry Enhances Light Absorption by Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals

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    Castello Carlo V, Lecce 27 -31 Maggio 2019


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  • Al via la fase 2 del Tecnopolo per la medicina di precisione

    Firmata convenzione tra Regione, Università e Cnr per avvio seconda fase del Tecnopolo

    Bari, 27 novembre 2018 

    Sottoscritto stamane l’accordo tra Regione PugliaCnr Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche, Irccs Giovanni Paolo II di Bari e Università di Bari per l’avvio della seconda fase del Tecnopolo per la Medicina di Precisione. Sede del tecnopolo, il CnrNanotec.


  • Alessandro Polini, si aggiudica l’LushPrize2018

    Alessandro Polini, si aggiudica l’LushPrize2018

    Berlino, 16 novembre 2018 

    Alessandro Polini , giovane ricercatore presso l’Istituto di Nanotecnologia del Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche (Cnr-Nanotec) di Lecce, si è aggiudicato il Lush Prize 2018 categoria ‘Giovani ricercatori’, il premio che incoraggia le idee che promuovono la sperimentazione non animale.


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