Melanin and melanin-like materials

Melanins is known for providing active photoprotection properties to human skin and eyes.

A well established recent classification comprises :

a) eumelanins, black-to-brown insoluble pigments;

b) pheomelanins, yellow-to-reddish brown;

c) neuromelanins, produced within Substantia nigra neurons;

d) allomelanin, typically found in plants.

Natural and Synthetic eumelanins share the well assessed broadband absorption throughout the entire UV-visible range, a permanent free radical signal behavior, hybrid electronic-ionic conductor behavior, and efficient UV dissipation via excited state Over the past decade melanins and their subunits have attracted increasing interestas soft biocompatible functional materials with antioxidant properties for engineering high performance, low impact optoelectronic devices, such as memory devices, light emitting diodes and field effect transistors.


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Zeiss Microscopy Technology and Complete Correlative Workflow


Zeiss Microscopy Technology and Complete Correlative Workflow

Lecce, Italy, 2017 Wednesday July 19th 

CNR NANOTEC @ Lecce, Aula Seminari – pal. G, Piano Terra

Program - PDF

Zeiss, as microscopy technology leader, provides the unique complete imaging solution ranging from light, confocal, electron, ion and Xray modalities with a complete and straightforward correlative workflow. An overview of different technologies will be presented with a special focus on X-Rray microscopy.


MCS 2017

International Workshop on Micropropulsion and CubeSats

Bari, Italy, 26 - 27 June 2017

Program - MSC2017

This narrow-field, invited-only meeting is the first attempt to bring together the Materials and Micropropulsion communities with a view to contribute to the development of the Global Materials and Micropropulsion Roadmap, and set such meetings to a regular basis.

Workshop annuale d'Istituto - II ed.

Workshop annuale d'Istituto - II ed.

Cetraro (CS), 3 -5 maggio 2017

Il programma completo dell'evento - download

La tre giorni dedicata ai risultati di ricerca conseguiti e alle strategie scientifiche da intraprendere nel prossimo futuro.

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