Graphene & Other 2D – Materials

The work on Graphene and related 2D layered materials in the Apulian Graphene Lab at CNR-NANOTEC institute is addressed minly to the development of methodologies of Production and Material Processing. We also develop simple devices  for the assessment of the potential applications and for the validation of the materials properties.




Graphene production is performed by CVD on copper, CVD-graphene, (large are growth up to 300 cm2) and by SiC sublimation, Epitaxial-graphene, (graphene on SiC wafer up to 1” diameter) on Si-face (mono and bilayer graphene) and on C-face (few layers graphene).


2D layered materials synthesis. With an expertise of decades of research in the CVD technologies, we are working on the development of efficient processes for the growth of transition metal dichalcogenides (MoS2, WS2); the goal is the growth of single- and few-layer materials on graphene as well as on other epitaxial substrates (van der Walls growth) for the optoelectronic applications.


Graphene Material Processing  is on methodologies for graphene transferring on different substrates (glass, silicon and plastic) and on wet and dry procedures for doping and functionalization of single and multilayer graphene. Here, our expertise is on the plasma processing of graphene for the production of graphane, fluorographene and graphene oxide, thus tailoring properties to explore new applications in optoelectronic, sensors, energy and biotechnology.


Graphene Characterization,  graphene-based materials are characterized and investigated at the nanoscale by optical spectroscopy (Raman, Ellipsometry) and electrical measurements (Van der Pauw, Hall).



The research activity within the Apulian Graphene Lab, have already achieved important breakthroughs inside the EC project MEM4WIN on Smart Windows. Examples are:  the production of high quality graphene layers on large area with a sheet resistance lower than 15 Ω/square and, reliable plasma-chemical methods designed for surface functionalization of graphene.

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Other Selected Publications:

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FP7-MEM4WIN – Ultra thin glass membranes for advanced, adjustable and affordable quadruple glazing windows for zero-energy buildings , 2013-2016

Latest News

  • ICONS – A Symposium on Colloidal Nanocrystals

    October 10-11, 2019


    Cnr Nanotec Lecce


    The symposium focuses on colloidal semiconductor nanocrystals (also known as quantum dots), which are a central topic in materials science and nanotechnology nowadays. The event will bring together renowned scientists in this research field discussing on fundamentals and future directions of this promising class of materials. (more…)


     01 luglio 2019 – ore 14:15


    Cnr Nanotec Lecce


    Realizzato nell’ambito delle attività del progetto “TecnoMed Puglia – Tecnopolo per la medicina di precisione”, il meeting è dedicato allo studio delle malattie neurodegenerative: dai nuovi biomarcatori alle piu recenti modellizzazioni, per una migliore comprensione dei meccanismi di base e quindi per lo sviluppo di terapie sempre più ritagliate sul singolo paziente.

  • EIT RawMaterials Roadshow

    21 giugno 2019 ore 09:00 – 15:00


    Lecce, Aula Fermi Edificio Aldo Romano, Campus Ekotecne, Via Lecce-Monteroni


    Farà tappa a Lecce il prossimo 21 giugno, presso l’Aula Fermi dell’edificio IBIL all’interno del Campus Ecotekne, l’EIT RawMaterials, la piattaforma per il sostegno all’innovazione finanziata dall’Istituto Europeo di Innovazione e Tecnologia (EIT).