Research Areas

NANOTEC is engaged in various aspects of materials research for advanced applications. Research activities are focused on growth and synthesis with various physical and chemical methodologies (CVD, MOCVD,…

Starting from the different class of advanced materials studied and developed in NANOTEC, the Advanced Devices area focus on the integration of these materials into functional and…

The investigation of frontier physics mainly related to the interactions and coupling of light with matter both from a macroscopic point of view as well as at the single particle level. Collective coherent phenomena…

Nano-biotechnology aims at the development of nanotechnology-based tools for biomedical applications. The bottom-up and top-down approaches, typical of nanotechnology, applied to biology and biochemistry…

This research area deals with theoretical modelling, experimental applications and diagnostics of plasma. Elementary Processes in Plasmas are studied by accurate theoretical methods…

Our research focuses on: 1. the theoretical and computational study of systems with many interacting constituents, from glasses and spin glasses to soft and biological matter; 2. the physics of random lasing materials…

Latest News

Zeiss Microscopy Technology and Complete Correlative Workflow


Zeiss Microscopy Technology and Complete Correlative Workflow

Lecce, Italy, 2017 Wednesday July 19th 

CNR NANOTEC @ Lecce, Aula Seminari – pal. G, Piano Terra

Program - PDF

Zeiss, as microscopy technology leader, provides the unique complete imaging solution ranging from light, confocal, electron, ion and Xray modalities with a complete and straightforward correlative workflow. An overview of different technologies will be presented with a special focus on X-Rray microscopy.


MCS 2017

International Workshop on Micropropulsion and CubeSats

Bari, Italy, 26 - 27 June 2017

Program - MSC2017

This narrow-field, invited-only meeting is the first attempt to bring together the Materials and Micropropulsion communities with a view to contribute to the development of the Global Materials and Micropropulsion Roadmap, and set such meetings to a regular basis.

Workshop annuale d'Istituto - II ed.

Workshop annuale d'Istituto - II ed.

Cetraro (CS), 3 -5 maggio 2017

Il programma completo dell'evento - download

La tre giorni dedicata ai risultati di ricerca conseguiti e alle strategie scientifiche da intraprendere nel prossimo futuro.


X-Ray Phase Contrast Tomography Reveals Early Vascular Alterations and Neuronal Loss in a Multiple Sclerosis Model

A. Cedola, A. Bravin, I. Bukreeva, M. Fratini, A. Pacureanu, A. Mittone, L. Massimi, P. Cloetens, P. Coan, G. Campi, R. Spanò, F. Brun, V. Grigoryev, V. Petrosino, C. Venturi, M. Mastrogiacomo, Nicole Kerlero de Rosbo & A. Uccelli, Nature Communications,


Light controlled 3D micromotors powered by bacteria

Gaszton Vizsnyiczai, Giacomo Frangipane, Claudio Maggi, Filippo Saglimbeni, Silvio Bianchi & Roberto Di Leonardo, Nature Communications,


Room-temperature superfluidity in a polariton condensate

G.Lerario, A.Fieramosca, F.Barachati, D.Ballarini, K.S.Daskalakis, L.Dominici, M.De Giorgi, S.A.Maier, G.Gigli, S.Kéna-Cohen, D.Sanvitto . Nature Physics, Doi:10.1038/nphys4147