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c/o Department of Chemistry, University of Bari, Via Orabona 4, 70126 Bari-Italy

Dr. Marcella Dell’Aglio, PhD in Chemical Science 2004. Since 2011 she has a permanent researcher position at CNR- NANOTEC (National Council of Research- Institute of Nanotechnology). Since 1999, she began her research activity with fellowship and researcher position at Laser Center s.c.r.l of Bari (Italy) (1999-2003) and then with post-doc position at CNR-IMIP (2004-2011). Her last research activities are: Fundamental studies of nanoparticles production by laser ablation in liquid at different pressure (by optical emission spectroscopy, shadowgraph, absorbance); interaction of NPs with biological samples, Laser Induced plasma (LIP) fundamental studies by optical emission spectroscopy; Laser induced breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) for quantitative analysis of different samples (meteorites, archaeological finding, gemstones, soils, plants and so on). Her research activities are documented by several ISI papers (h-index=29, Citations=2572, Source Scopus 2/9/2019) and by many contributions (both oral and poster) in international conferences. She was involved in several Research Projects (CNR and international partners), she was in the organizing committee of some International Conferences (the last one was EMSLIBS2013). She is a reviewer for several international journals, for some international projects and for International Doctor conferring.

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