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Technology Transfer Office  (TTO@CNR NANOTEC)

TTO@CNR NANOTEC provides organizational, strategic, and operational support to research exploitation, ensuring industrial application of innovations for society’s use and benefit.

Nanotechnologies, through the manipulation of matter at the nanoscale level, down to the atomic and molecular scale, address industrial processes, ranging from design to production, requiring a high level of applied scientific knowledge. These processes may be a step forward to the improvement of the quality of life, boosting industrial competitiveness of Italy and Europe in strategic sectors such as materials sciences, healthcare and environment.

TTO@CNR NANOTEC manages IP generation, protection and access, supports the creation of start up and spin off companies and defines strategies and procedures to set up Joint Research Labs in collaboration with public and private organizations. Through a multidisciplinary approach, based on six technological platforms, TTO@CNR NANOTEC coordinates high level R&D joint programs targeting specific application fields in order to promote innovation and to create value.

CNR NANOTEC Technology Platforms (linkate)

  1. Materials Science
  2. Advanced Electronic and Optoelectionic Devices
  3. Advanced Photonics
  4. Nano-Biotechnology
  5. Plasma Physics and Technology
  6. Modelling and Computation


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